Over the years, we’ve worked with a lot of talented creatives in the industry. Eventually, we found one team that stood above the rest. Their style was wonderfully cohesive with our aesthetic, and we had a natural harmony working together that couples really loved. 


We knew that our unique approach and complementary styles would make an unbeatable combination. So, we decided to join forces and offer couples a way to ease their vendor process and save them money at the same time. 


There’s a reason we’ve chosen to work together. Creatively, we’ve found “the one”.  It’s a dream come true for us, and it’s an even better deal for you! 


The Benefits of Booking Videography and Photography Together:


  • When you book our partnership package, you’ll take advantage of considerable discounts.  We share a studio and we’re able to transport equipment and manage logistics as a team. 


  • Your videographer and photographer become a single vendor. Rather than sorting through multiple contracts and invoices, you streamline the process. The same goes for communication. One contract, one vendor, one call. 


  • We operate like a well-oiled machine. Our visions align, so we share time and ideas on your wedding day. The important shots don’t get blocked because we’re able to naturally anticipate each other’s needs. 


  • We make a great team because we share a distinct aesthetic. Your photographic images will blend flawlessly with the style of your wedding film. 


If you want to eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and save money at the same time, then our comprehensive partnership package is just what you're looking for!